Comprehensive PR services

Every day, technological development is changing the way we see our and international communications market. Because of new media, blogs and online sources communication messages and strategies are becomingmore and more demanding.

We joined 20 years of experience into our new service – advising on communication management, which is becoming a challenge for many companies, individuals, institutions and event organizers because of the increasing amount of information. Consequently not all are ready to define modern strategies for public relations.

Our analyses showed that this area offers a lot of business opportunities and we decided to bring together experts from the fields of public relations, promotion, advertisement, brand management and digital services. We areoffering serviceswhich make our solutions to strategic communication challenges innovative, creative and positive. Contact us...

Media communication

Wholesome services include writing press releases, preparing answers to journalists’ questions, convening press conferences and more.

Corporate communication

Long term two-way communication between all parties included with the aim of building up company’s reputation.

Product communication

Goal-oriented communication intended for the entrance of new or increased publicity of the existing product on the market or building up individual brand of the company.

Crisis communication

We set up and execute proper communication strategy for when company or individual is going through tough times and media pressure can result in bigger communication errors or unsuitable response.

Internal communication

Proper relationships between employees are basis for a successful business. We can set up and execute a proper internal communication strategy in your company. It creates mutual trust and consequently contributes to company’s success.

Managing corporate social profiles

We create and manage social profiles and prepare strategies for successful communication on social media.