Media monitoring

Are you a frequent media topic? What about your brand? Which information is important and which is negligible? Did your investment in PR pay off? You can get answers to all those questions and many more with Press clipping. Clipping means constant media monitoring based on the key words given in advance. Why Press clipping? Because we are top-quality, unique, comprehensive, open, responsible, global, experienced, precise, in touch with information and always here for you. Because we can proudly say that you get the required information at the agreed upon time, usually even earlier.

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We offer services which customers understand, need and quickly grow fond of

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Our products are easy to use

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Our developers created individualized tools


We listen to your wishes and act accordingly

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Each employee adds a personal touch and devotes special attention to his customer

Our own regional network

We developed our own network with regional connectivity


20 years of experience in the field of media monitoring places us at the very top

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We are members of several international associations and organizations

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