About us

We are not the only, but we are unique... professional... quick... precise...

Customer care

Each customer is assigned to an employee who helps with your orders and advise on novelties free of charge.

Real time delivery

You can get publications IMMEDIATELY, via e-mail or eClipLIVE service. You can opt for immediate delivery of individual publications, which means that you receive them on your e-mail as soon as we detect them.

Classic became digital

We are also searching and analysing classic media for keywords along web and electronic media

Keyword underlining

Key words in publications and articles are marked (underlined) to make it easier to review the article and integrate key words into article’s content.

24 hours = non stop

Our employees and contractors perform our services in shifts. A team of 80 people from different Slovene regions coordinates and executes the entire clipping.

Different form of delivery

We ensure different formats and appointed times of notifying different levels of leadership and expert staff.

Social responsibility

All employees in Press clipping company are aware of the importance of maintaining a healthy environment and it goes without saying that we implement measures to achieve that. We are convinced that small steps contribute to improving our team’s lifestyles, which affect our lives outside of work as well. We are aware that individuals cannot do much, but they can transfer positive and environmentally and socially friendly habits to people around them. That way we improve quality of life. Our first concern is our environment and nature. Each of us had to make the first step before learning to walk. Small deeds can be the beginning of something new, positive and redeeming for the mistakes we have made.

Who are we?

In 1991 we began thinking about how to effectively measure the effects of communication and public relations. We became an experienced and mature team who knows the answers, but we always ask ourselves new questions. You wouldn’t believe it, but the work we do still delights us.

We are open. Connection and cooperation are the basis of every good business. With great partners Press clipping became an established brand even beyond our borders. With our standards in the field of media monitoring, media analyses and forensics we are becoming a synonym for success and quality at home and abroad.

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